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CC Trikes & Hostile Cycles is owned and managed by Craig Whitford. Craig has been customizing automobiles and motorcycles for the last 33 years. His specialty has been one-off eye catchers — chopped, lowered, sectioned, massive horsepower, sleek body lines, awesome paint and flame jobs. Quality is priority one in any product that we develop or manufacture.

CC Trikes is producing the most awesome three wheelers on the road today. Not only are the trikes built with a very solid frame, rear-end, transmission and engine, but the innovative bodylines represent the sleekest trike bodies out there. We are now manufacturing two very different and distinct trike styles. Our trizilla – using the awesome looking Cadillac Northstar V-8 engine as the powertrain and the new trike with a VW engine. It looks like no other VW trike out there.

Hostile Cycles is for you bike lovers, Craig’s designs will always turn heads. His sleek body lines and clean, unclutter body style appeal to many bike owners. Craig is also building bobbers – we try to have something for everyone.

Craig has many years of automotive, motorcycle, design, and paint experience that he uses when building the next custom bike or trike.

Our motto is “If you can dream it… We can build it” and that extends beyond the world or three wheelers. We are developing new, wild, awesome rides all the time. Bikes, choppers, Race frames, etc.

CCTRIKES Seeking Dealers

CCtrikes is seeking dealers to help move there products and to supply companies with custom parts that they might not be able to build them self. What exactly does being a cctrikes dealer mean? Very simply put You sell our products and make money in doing so, Our products range from complete bikes and trikes to bike frames and specialty parts. If you are interested or would like more information click the CONTACT tab along the top of the page and fill in your information or feel free to ask questions that you might have regarding being a dealer.

Discovery Channel Biker Build Off!

Discovery channels Biker Build Off for more pictures and information please click on the bikers build off tab at the top of the page! As seen on TV FOR SALE was $125,000.00 can be purchased for $42,000.00
Also seen on TV the SlingBlade also FOR Sale was $90,000.00 now it can also be your’s for  $34,000.00

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